Room Capacities

Please use the table below for generic room capacity information. For more detailed set-ups, or if you have questions, please contact the Event Services staff via email or phone.

Building / Room #

Sq. FootageLectureBanquetStanding RoomOther
Student Center 2008391660400999 
SC 200A203514080250 
SC 200B208615080250 
SC 200C4270330160500 
SC 200AB4130325180500 
SC 200BC6360425240750 
SC 205 20  12
SC 206    15
SC 207    15
SC 2173570330200420 
SC 217A892704090 
SC 217B890704090 
SC 217C896704090 
SC 217D892704090 
SC 217AB178214090180 
SC 217CD178814090180 
SC 220707503070 
SC 223706503070 
SC Underground4310250150350 
SC Cinema1952152   
Mitten Hall Owl Cove6350300160450 
MH Great Court 650400900 
MH 250    54
Morgan Hall D3012680240120340 
Morgan S251    10
Morgan S252    10
Morgan S253    22
Morgan S254    26

All capacities are a basic framework - the addition of staging, food service, extra tables or other furniture will decrease the amount of space available for guests.

For more information about specific room capacities, special set-ups, or other special needs, please contact the Event Services office via email or phone.