Student Center Jobs

Welcome to the Student Center job page! We have several positions for which we regularly recruit. We typically recruit in the Spring (normally in March/April) for the following Fall and recruit in the Fall (normally in October/November) for the following Spring.  

Job applications are available on the Careers@Temple page located on TUPortal.  We have listed the individual job numbers below, to help you search for each specific position. If you have any questions regarding the process, email We look forward to having you on the team!


Job Descriptions

Building Manager

Job Number: 22000739
Job Summary: Our Building Managers fulfill a key leadership position in the day to day management the facility with emphasis on event, building, and service area operations. 

For a complete job description click here.

Game Room/Cinema Staff

Job Number: 22000744
Job Summary:  Our Game Room/Cinema Attendants operate the Game Room, Cinema, and other related programs while offering exceptional customer service. 

For a complete job description, click here.

Event Assistant / Graduate Event Assistant

Job Number: 22000831
Job Summary: Our Event Assistants are key players in the pre and post planning and execution of events in facilities managed by Student Center Operations. 

For a complete job description click here (undergraduate); click here for Graduate Event Assistant.

Graphic Designer 

Job Number: 22000746
Job Summary: Our Graphic Designers are responsible for delivering the services offered by the Graphics Media Center, including design and production work. 

For a complete job description click here.

Information Desk 

Job Number: 22000747
Job Summary: Our Information Desk Attendants are primarily responsible for providing information to customers, maintaining the Lost & Found and Poster Display, interacting with vendors, and other services. 

For a complete job description click here.
Below are other roles on our student staff. We aren't recruiting for them now, but check back for future semesters. 

Marketing & Engagement Intern

Job Number: not recruiting for Spring 2022
Job Summary: Our Marketing & Engagemnt Intern cultivates the Student Center's relationship with the greater Temple community by promoting our services through branding, programs, activities and more. 

For a complete job description click here.

Office Support Staff

Job Number: not recruiting for Spring 2022
Job Summary: Our Office Support Staff are the first point of contact for the Student Activities, Student Center Operations & Conferences offices. This position involves receptionist and clerical duties.

For a complete job description click here.