Atrium Vendor Program

The Student Center Vendor Program allows business owners or other vendors the opportunity to sell their products to the Temple University community. Students, Staff, and Faculty are able to take advantage of this program. Reservations for the Vendor Program are available from the first through the last day of classes each semester and during special designated times of summer sessions.

Vendors are provided with tables in the Student Center Atrium, which sees an average of 15,000 visitors each day. Our vendors are also invited to participate in our major outdoor fairs, such as, Homecoming  or Welcome Week  when appropriate as well as in our outdoor locations at the Bell Tower, Liacouras Walk, Alumni Circle(s) and Founders Garden. In all outdoor locations, tables will be provided at a cost by University staff.


A vendor who is interested in participating in the Vendor Program must be:
          i. Registered with a vendor’s license and/or registered company.
          ii. Must carry liability insurance for any and all merchandise.
This information is required every year and is kept on file for 1 academic year.  Vendors are also required to fill out a Vendor Application Form.

Reserving Dates:

Vendor Program reservations are available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday from 8am – 5pm. It is important that vendors complete all activities by 5:00pm.
Vendors are limited to three dates within a two-week period and are assigned space on a first come, first served basis.


Vendors are not permitted to bring their own tables. Payments for space must be received two weeks prior to confirmed dates. Payments must be made by cash, money order, or credit card. We do not accept personal checks - only checks with a business name may be used.
(1) Table: $70.00 (2) Tables: $80.00 (3) Tables: $100.00 (4) Tables: $125.00


Applications for the Vendor Program may be picked up at the Student Center, Suite 219M. They can also be downloaded here. You will find the credit card authorization form here.

Atrium Vendor Table Policies:

  • Vendors may not check in more than 15 minutes prior to the reservation start time to retrieve tables. 
  • All vendor table locations are assigned when the reservation is made.  Table locations may not be moved from the Lower Level or Main Atrium to other spaces. 
  • There is max of 3 chairs per table.
  • All furniture must be located in the designate table space. Nearby ledges, railings, and walkways may not be used for display. For example, if you have two tables reserved, you can have one table and one clothing rack, you are not permitted to have two tables plus one clothing rack.
  • Vendors are not permitted to bring their own furniture with the exception of clothing racks.
  • You may use the space behind your tables as additional storage if you choose. However, the public is not permitted behind your tables to browse your inventory.
  • Student Center Operations is not responsible for any items on the tables.  Vendors must remain at their tables at all times.
  • Soliciting is prohibited beyond the perimeter of the assigned table.
  • Vendor table reservations are for tabling only.  No performances or mid to large scale events are permitted. 
  • No music will be played unless it has been confirmed during the reservation process and is being used through the Atrium sound system with our speakers. Sound is on a first come, first served basis and must be requested during your original reservation request. Vendors requiring more than one table will not be able to access Atrium Sound.
  • Vendors must be broken down within 30 minutes of their reservation end time. Reservation times are in place to ensure smooth transitions between your reseration and those that may follow. If you are unsure of your reservation end time, please check in with the Information Desk Staff. If you require extended time, please contact the Event Assistants to extend your future reservations. 
If you have any questions regarding these policies, please contact Student Center Operations at 215-204-7131 or