Purchase/Funding Requests

Purchase requests are completed via Owl Connect when your group purchases anything and either needs to be reimbursed via allocations or needs to submit an Aramark catering invoice, an Amazon invoice purchased through the SFC Activities & Operations office or any other item that was purchased on your behalf by the SFC Activities & Operations office.

Funding requests are completed via Owl Connect when your group is requesting allocations at the start of the semester or in the case of the Medical School on a per event basis.

Click here for video tutorial on the process

Funding process general steps: 

  1. Organizations submit FUNDING requests (submissions are on an as per event basis)

  2. Allocations Rep Approves the amount (all, nothing, some)

    1. This lets you know the maximum amount that you will be reimbursed for that event

  3. Money is deposited into your account

  4. Org fills out a catering exemption form (if needed- at least 15 days before the event)

  5. Organization has event/ buys their materials (at or under their approved amount)


  6. Organization fills out a PURCHASE request (with receipts to be refunded money)

  7. SFCAO Program Coordinator APPROVES the request- based on the funding request.

  8. The organization gets an email from SFCAO Program Coordinator saying they can pick up their voucher

  9. Organization picks up the voucher (need student ID and receipts)

  10. Organization goes to the Bursar’s to get their money