Funding & Purchase Requests

Funding Requests

Funding Requests are done in OwlConnect before your event to make sure the items you want to purchase are allowable.   A Funding Request will put money into your account.  Funding Requests should include all relevant details on the purchase you would like to make.   

Purchase Requests

Purchase Requests are done after your event to do a final report of spending and attendance.  This will include the final receipts/invoices for purchases made. A Purchase Request will remove the funds spent from your account balance.

How To Guides

  • To view a PDF of instructions on how to access Funding Requests and Purchase Requests forms, click here.

  • To view a video tutortial of the Funding Request and Purchase Request process, click here

Spending Process - General Steps

  1. Submit Funding Request with all relevant details for event and items needing to be purchased. 

    • Submissions done on per event basis.

  2. Allocations Rep approves the amount - this could be the full amount, some of the requested amount, or none of the amount requested.

    • This lets you know the maximum amount that you will be reimbursed for that event.

  3. Funds are deposited into your OwlConnect account.

    • Spending is done using member's personal funds.  Organizations do not receive cash to complete purchases. They are only reimbursed with cash after purchases have been made.

  4. If event involves food, fill out a catering exemption form and send to

    • This step should be completed at least 15 days before the event.

    • More information on catering exemption forms can be found here.

  5. Buy supplies for event--be sure to keep all original receipts. The originals will be needed for reimbursement.

    • If ordering items from Amazon, send order details to SFC to see if order can be placed directly by our ofice. 

  6. After event, submit a Purchase Request--this should include images of the original receipts. 

    • Images of receipts cannot be turned into the Bursar's office. If an item was bought in store, we will need the original printed receipt. Online purchases with invoices should be uploaded as PDFs.

    • Purchase Requests should be submitted within 10 days of the event.

    • In the Purchase Request form, the Excel Sheet does not need to be completed. Organizations can download and upload the blank sheet to satisfy the form requirements.

  7. SFCAO Program Coordinator reviews and approves the request based on funds remaining in account.

  8. If an organization made the purchase themselves and needs to be reimbursed, a reimbursement voucher will be created.  The organization will receive an email from SFCAO Program Coordinator when the reimbursement voucher is ready for pick up.

  9. Pick up the reimbursement voucher. Be sure to bring Temple ID and all original receipts for pick up.

    • HSC Campus: Pick-ups are in Room 105 of the Student Faculty Center.

    • Podiatry Campus: Pick-ups are in the Podiatry School Bursar's office at designated times referenced via email communications from my office.

  10. Take reimbursement voucher to the Bursar to be reimbursed via cash.

    • HSC Campus: Kresge Hall, 1st floor

    • Podiatry Campus: 6th floor