Atrium Posters

Student Center Atrium Poster Display

Want to advertise your event in the Student Center Atrium? Student organizations and departments are eligible to submit posters to be displayed in the Atrium. 

Poster Guidelines 

  1. Only one poster per event may be displayed 
  2. Posters must be on foam/corrugated board and must be 30x40 inchese, portrait layout 
  3. Posters must be produced by the GMC unless an exception is granted
  4. Poster must be advertising an event
  5. Poster must include event date, time, location and sponsoring organization 
  6. No posters will be displayed using SAC or Student Activity Center 
  7. Posters making references to the consumption of alcohol/tobacco and those with sexually explicit content are prohibited 
  8. Posters designed for display in the Atrium may not include plastic pouch for updating 
  9. Posters must follow Temple Brandnig Guidelines: 
    1. No changes may be made to Temple University logos (including color changes) 
    2. The Temple T cannot be used as part of a word or to create a new logo 

View the Atrium Poster Policy for more information.

Other Information: 

  • All posters may be displayed for up to two weeks. Posters will be removed from the Atrium after the reservation end date and the organization/department will have 3 business days to claim it before it is discarded.
  • Student Center Operations is not responsible for moved, lost, stolen or discarded posters. Only posters that are moved, lost, stolen, or damaged by Student Center staff may be reproduced at no cost to the organization/department.
  • Only Temple students, staff, and faculty may utilize the posting process.
  • Advertisements for surveys, application, and other online forms will need written approval from Operations Manager. These exceptions will be assessed on a case by case basis