Recreation Access

Student Access

Effective Fall 2010, all matriculated Temple University students enrolled will be automatically assessed a portion of the Campus Rec access fee in their tuition bill as a part of the University Service Fee. Enrolled students who have paid the Campus Rec access fee are assigned swipe access through their Temple OWLcard. For additional information about the new fee assessment policy, please contact the Campus Recreation Main Office at 215-204-1267.

Temple University and TUHS Full Time Employee Access

All university or hospital employees with a valid owl card are eligible to purchase access to the recreation facilities. There are two payment options: payroll deduction, or patron application (manually by semester or academic year).

Full-time Employees (Payroll Deduction)

Full-time regular employees are given the option to have the Campus Rec access fee deducted from their paychecks. A total deduction of $10 will be withdrawn from the employee’s paycheck each month. Effective Fall 2005, the system allows employees to enroll in the program one time and have the membership automatically renew every September 1. Employees interested in paying for Campus Recreation access through payroll deduction may complete the payroll deduction application and physical injury waiver forms at the HSC Recreation Center desk in the lower basement of the Student Faculty Center, 3340 N Broad Street, or in the Campus Recreation Main Office, 1800 N. Broad St., Suite 303, Pearson/McGonigle halls. Swipe access is typically granted within 48 hours of enrollment; however, users may present their enrollment form at the facilities for immediate access. Cancellation must be requested in person with completion of a cancellation form. This can be done at the HSC Recreation Center desk, or at the Campus Recreation Main Office. For more information about payroll deduction, please contact Campus Recreation at 215-204-1267.

Part-time Students, Part-time Employees, and Medical Residents (Patron Application):

Employees who are either ineligible for payroll deduction or do not wish to pay via payroll deduction may pay the Campus Rec Access Fee per term. This includes part-time non-matriculated students, medical residents, and part time employees. Payment may be made at the HSC Bursar’s office, located on the first floor of Kresge Hall, 3440 N. Broad Street, or at the Campus Recreation Main Office, 1800 N. Broad St. Suite 303, Pearson/McGonigle Halls with a valid OWLcard.

Once the fee is paid, return with your receipt to the HSC Recreation Center desk, or Campus Recreation Main Office to complete the patron application and physical injury waiver form.

Patron Application Recreation fees:

  • Employees: $120 for the year OR $55 per semester OR $30 for summer sessions I and II.
  • Students: $40 per semester OR $20 for just the summer. Summer membership is included in $40 spring semester recreation fee for students.

Within 48 hours of completing the Patron Application, swipe activation will be granted to the facilities. However, users may present their Campus Rec Access receipt at the recreational facility for immediate access.

Non-Temple Employees/Courtesy Card Holders

Patrons who work at Temple but not for Temple directly (i.e. Sodexo, Aramark, and Allied Barton) may use the recreation facilities, but must enroll at the Campus Recreation Main Office, 1800 N. Broad St., Suite 303, Pearson/McGonigle halls. For more information about courtesy access, please contact Campus Recreation at 215-204-1267.

Visiting Students

Visiting students should contact Tim Bradley, Recreation Coordinator to purchase recreation center access. Mr. Bradley can be reached via email at, or via phone at 215-707-7560.

Visiting students pay a non-refundable fee based on the entirety of their visit at $12/week. This will either be a 4 or 8 week block, meaning a $48 or $96 payment. Students should contact the Recreation Coordinator first to confirm their status as a visiting student prior to stopping by the desk to make payment. Payment will not be accepted until the Recreation Coordinator has confirmed the student’s status and is able to create the student’s access pass.

Visiting students will receive a special access privilege card to be used at all times along with a photo ID to gain access to any TU Campus Recreation facility. No card or photo ID, no admittance. The access privilege card will state the start and end dates of the student’s access and will only be valid for that time period. Other restrictions are on the card and will be explained to the visiting student.

Membership Fees

  • Employees: $55 per fall or spring semester, $30 for summer I and II, or $120 annually ($10/month via payroll deduction).
  • Please note an annual membership is based upon the academic year, not the date in which you become a member.
  • Visiting Students: $48 or $96, dependent on length of visiting block.

Membership Cancellation

Only employees using payroll deduction can cancel their membership. To cancel, the member must complete a payroll deduction cancellation form at the HSC Recreation Center desk or Campus Recreation Main Office. All others membership types are a one-time, non-refundable fee granting access until the membership term expires. After papers have been submitted, please allow up to a month for processing. If you are still seeing money deducted after a month, please contact the Recreation Coordinator.