Lounges & Common Areas


Lounge Space

College can be draining.  And sometimes all you need is somewhere to recharge, refuel, and hang out. That’s why we offer numerous spaces around the building for just that!  Scattered around the building are several lounges designed with you in mind.  Try them all, find your favorite, and relax!

The Game Room Lounge

The Game Room lounge offers a mix of tables and couches for you to eat your lunch or finish up an assignment.  Need a study break?  Head to The Game Room and borrow a board game for free!

The TV Lounge

If you want to catch up on your favorite TV show between classes, stop by the TV Lounge located just outside the Game Room on the First Floor of Student Center South.  

Water Refill Stations

Water bottle need a refill? We have several refill stations throughout the Student Center! 

Charging Stations

Find one of our charging stations to give your phone a quick charge!  We have one located on the Second Floor of the North Side by the Laptop Lounge and another located on the First Floor of the South Side by the Game Room! Charging lockers are also available in the Food Court.  Have a charger on you? Awesome! You shouldn’t have a problem finding an outlet in one of our study lounges!