HSC Student Organizations

The SFC Activities and Operations (SFCAO) office is here to provide you with the necessary resources to form a student group, program planning tools, and avenues to learn and network with students from all over the world. Any part-time or full time student can form a group. Keep in mind once you have formed your group you MUST RENEW EACH YEAR. Only after your group’s application has been approved can you can take advantage of facilities, funding, office space and much more. The Program Coordinator in the Student Faculty Center Activities and Operations office is available to assist you with your needs.


HSC Student Organization Manual

This manual lays out all policies, procedures and guidlines for HSC student organizations including registration, funding, application process, deadlines, constitution development. 

Please note OWL CONNECT will be used as the primary administration and communication tool for all HSC student organizations. Please visit http://owlconnect.temple.edu.

SFC Activities & Operations Owl Connect Page: https://temple.collegiatelink.net/organization/hscactivities Don’t forget to check out our events page.

Stop by our office anytime with comments, suggestions, idea's, or to just meet the staff in the SFCAO office (email: sfc@temple.edu).


Important Student Org Reminders

February 1st- February 15th is the new organization registration period.

New HSC organizations should complete registration via Owl Connect during this time. All orgs will also need to meet their specific guidelines of their school. Registering during this time period will allow orgs to submit funding requests for the spring semester, given the org has completed all requirements from SFCAO and their specific school for more information click here.

May 1st- May 15th is the period to submit Fall 2017 FUNDING REQUEST submissions via Owl Connect.

All HSC Orgs purchase requests for Spring 2017 funds must be submitted via Owl Connect by Friday, May 26th at 5pm. 

Wednesday, May 31st is the deadline to pick up all reimbursement vouchers from SFC RM 105 AND the physical cash reimbursements received from Bursar's office.

***ALL PURCHASE REQUESTS FOR REIMBURSEMENT MUST BE SUBMITTED WITHIN 10 DAYS OF THE EVENT. All requests must be submitted through Owl Connect with a copy of the original receipt attached.***